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Tabletop décor and hostess gifts

Whether you’re hosting a holiday dinner or dining at someone else’s home, new tabletop goodies are a good idea. Below are options with an air of sumptuous first-world necessity.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving or going to someone else’s home?

Hostess Gifts & Tabletop Decor

These little splurges are great as treats for yourself or gifts for your host. Whether you’re dining with your family, friend(s), or significant other’s family, these are some universal gift ideas.

Your gracious host will have done lots of planning in preparation of dinner. Bring something more thoughtful than wine suggested by a liquor store. Show your appreciation by bringing something they could immediately put to use. Cookies in a jar and seasoned salt or sugar or thoughtful DIYs you can prepare with little time. Stoneware is a good gift on its own but even more amazing when given with baked goods. Le Creuset stoneware comes in many colors but cherry red is the most festive universal color for holidays. Dessert scented candles are good for clearing out heavy food scents. If the sweet scent will compete with too many smells, go for a clean scent.

More gift ideas to help relieve some of your host’s stress

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Unique ingredients or kitchen gadgets are simple everlasting gifts. Pick a low-cost kitchen gadget your host likely doesn’t have but can utilize.

DIY a box of self-pampering toiletries or a mani/pedi set in a jar.

Bring breakfast! Come morning, a seasonal beverage and quick food like pastries or bagels will be a relief. Package with a note that tells how to store and when to open, so it is not confused as dinner offerings.

Bring specialty food or an exotic ingredient. Some people may not think to splurge on balsamic vinegar but would appreciate it once they try it. Marshalls and Ross Stores are great for finding such gifts.

Bringing ingredients and a recipe to mix a special holiday drink. Try something mixed and adorned with cinnamon sticks.

Gift a tasty treat that on its own doubles as décor or place it in fancy stoneware.

Just as knockoffs are present in fashion, they are found in home goods. So, for your dose of law, consider these possibly “inspired” pieces. Checkerboard and dot designs are generally patterns in the public domain, because someone having full rights to these designs would also have an unfair monopoly. Yet with all of the design options available, it is interesting when newcomers use patterns and designs closely similar to brands that are already popular.

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