Will Miami and San Francisco become Fashion Law hubs?

NYC is the clear epicenter of the U.S.’s fashion world and LA is its West Coast sibling, but will Miami and San Francisco ever be synonymous with fashion law?

It is too early to tell, but with fashion law steadily growing, a great time to create hubs for it is now.  Fordham Law School’s Fashion Institute, the addition of a Fashion Law NYS Bar Association, and the pending IDPPPA are just the beginning.  NY has been and will continue to be a force in the realms of fashion and fashion law, but Miami and San Francisco have stepped onto the scene.

Earrings: B.Rawlings (4 Aug. 2011 Screenshot of website)
(I like these because they remind me of the scales of justice!)


Although there are Fashion Law groups within firms and Fashion Law (only) firms, the Law Offices of Aaron Resnick, P.A. is now the first in Florida to have a Fashion Law practice group.  Brittany Rawlings, a 2010 graduate of Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law Center is the head of this Fashion Law department.

I find it surprising but cool that the firm is allowing a recent graduate to head this new group but it also makes me question the firm’s commitment to fashion law.  On the other hand, Rawlings has a successful jewelry line so she should be a great fit for this position.  Only time will tell if this will be a major practice group in the firm.  At the very least I hope it starts a Fashion Law practice group trend. 😉

San Francisco
Macy’s (in SF’s Union Square) is sponsoring a new year-long program to help SF apparel designers launch their careers.  This new program, Fashion Incubator San Francisco (FISF), will begin accepting applications next month.

Program description:

“Each year we will provide six Designers in Residence with premiere workshop space at Macy’s offices in downtown San Francisco. We’ll also offer business operations training from experts in the San Francisco fashion and economic development communities.”

FISF will seemingly help fashion design entrepreneurs navigate all aspects of building and maintaining successful businesses.  The program begins March 2012.  Since the designers will be provided showrooms as part of the program, I will update ASAP on whether there are good picks for a professional wardrobe. 😉  I love new designers because many step into the scene wanting to prove themselves by revamping closet basics in a more affordable way than top designers do.

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